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All characters that I have drawn are copyrighted to their owners. I do not take credit for them. These are just fanart that I have done as I am proud of being a fan!!!


Random Favourites

Please check out all these cool artwork done by brilliant DA artists. ^^



About Me

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown
My Starsign:- sagiTTArius
My Chinese Sign:- Pig
Righty or Lefty: Righty
My Element: Fire
My Height:- 5'2" (same as Rachael Leigh Cook XD)
My Nicknames:- TTF, Babs (you can work that one out XD), Stork
My Fave Colour:- Purple
My Pets:- Buster (rabbit), Benji (dog) & Purdi (cockatiel)
My Fave TV Series:- Perception, Smallville, Pushing Daisies, Bewitched, Wild At Heart, It Started With A Kiss, ISWAK 2: They Kiss Again, 3rd Rock From The Sun, I Dream of Jeannie
My Fave Cartoons:- Tiny Toon Adventures, Invader Zim, Kid Vs. Kat, Animaniacs, The Looney Tunes Show, Road Rovers, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Brandy & Mr Whiskers, T.U.F.F. Puppy, The Powerpuff Girls, American Dad, Futurama
My Fave Anime:- Peach Girl, Rumbling Hearts, Excel Saga, King of Bandit Jing, Cardcaptors, Digimon, Noir, Itazura Na Kiss, Say I Love You, Rune Soldier, Fruits Basket, Fairy Tail, Madlax
My Fave Movies: Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Vacation, Wakko's Wish, Josie & the Pussycats, 11:14, Tangled, Scorched, Space Jam, The Producers, She's All That, At First Sight, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Antitrust, The Big Empty, My First Wedding, Blonde Ambition, Bob Funk, Despicable Me 1 & 2
My Fave Disney Movies:- The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Atlantis, Lilo & Stitch 1 & 2, The Emperor's New Groove, The Rescuers Down Under, Tangled, Brother Bear 1 & 2, Wreck it Ralph, Bolt, Kronk's New Groove, Mulan, Home on The Range, Princess & The Frog
My Fave Christmas Movie:- It's A Wonderful Life
My Fave Cartoon Characters:- Babs Bunny, Gogo Dodo, Buster Bunny, Lola Bunny (both versions), Tina Russo, Petunia Pig, Mac Gopher, Tosh Gopher, Zim, Dib, Tak, Mr Kat, Coop Burtonburger, Fiona Munson, Wakko Warner, Yakko Warner, Rita the Cat, Slappy Squirrel, Minerva Mink, Colleen, Blitz, Hunter, Kitty Katswell, Timon, Brandy Harrington, Lexi Bunny, Fluttershy, Viv Bunny, Chloe Kitten, Bunny O'Hare, Blythe Baxter, Zoe Trent, Buttercream Sundae, Sugar Sprinkles, Sunil Nevla, Delilah Kitty, Queen Elsa, Vanellope Von Schweetz
My Fave Anime Characters:-
Gatomon, Veemon, Flamedramon, Renamon, Kyubimon, MetalGreymon, Cutemon, Gaomon, Matt Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, Davis Motomiya, Tracey Sketchit, Excel, Hyatt, Jing, Mireille Bouquet, Tohru Honda, Kyo Sohma, Momo Adachi, Kairi Okayasu, Kotoko Aihara
My Fave Actor:- Nathan Lane
My Fave Actress:- Rachael Leigh Cook
My Fave Voice Actor:- Rob Paulsen
My Fave Voice Actress:- Tress MacNeille
My Fave Artists:- Gary Baseman, Miwa Ueda, Brittney Lee
My Fave Photographer:- Annie Leibowitz
My Fave Singers:- Puffy AmiYumi, BoA, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Olivia D'Abo, Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith, Rock Sugar, Phil Collins, Westlife, Weird Al Yankovic, Backstreet Boys, Norah Jones, They Might Be Giants, A1, Katie Melua, Sophie Ellis Bextor (and random movie soundtracks)
My Fave Animals:- Meerkats, Cats, Rabbits
My Fave Food:- Chicken
My Fave sweet Biscuits (aka Cookies):- Bourbons
My Fave savoury Biscuits:- Fish 'n' Chips
My Fave Sweets (aka Candy):- Randoms
My Fave Drink:- Cappuccino
My Fave Ice Cream:- Cookie Dough
My Fave Dessert:- Carrot Cake


* I am NOT a fan of fan fictions.
* Yes, I like some toons fat in a cartoony way (not a fetish way).
* No, I don't like vore or gore.
* Yes, I like some toons inflated in a cartoony way (not a fetish way).
* Yes, I like some toons flattened in a cartoony way (not a fetish way).
* No, I don't like mature art
* No, I don't like fetishes.

I DON'T draw mature, bloated, gore, vore, females with muscles (unless it's part of a show), pregnancy, yuri, yaoi, weird fetishes or gender bending.

You will NEVER see me draw cartoons I hate.

My Top 10 Fave Songs from The Looney Tunes Show:

1. Presidents' Day
2. We Are In Love
3. Christmas Rules
4. Wonderful Bugs
5. Chintzy
6. You Like/I Like
7. Yellow Bird
8. Daffy's Legacy
9. Table For One
10. Stick To My Guns

Other Looney Tunes songs I like (but didn't make my Top 10):

* I'm A Martian
* Blow My Stack
* Be Polite
* Tasmanian Meltdown
* The Wizard
* Giant Robot Love
* Drifting Apart
* I Love To Sing-A
* Parade Float
* Long-Eared Drifter

Episodes of TLTS I love:

* Member's Only
* Eligble Bachelors
* Double Date
* That's My Baby
* The DMV
* Beauty School
* You've Got Hate Mail
* Itsy Bitsy Gopher
* Semper Lie
* Customer Service
* It's A Handbag
* A Christmas Carol
* We're In Big Truffle
* Dear John
* Daffy Duck Esquire
* The Black Widow
* Gribbler's Quest
* The Shell Game
* Year of the Duck
* Here Comes the Pig
* Mr Wiener
* SuperRabbit



Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 1:39 AM
Here are the titles (some may change) of pics I will be doing at some point.

  • All Set For Halloween
  • Amberley
  • Ami
  • Amazing Babs
  • Amazing Fifi
  • Amazing Shirley
  • Babsy the Clown
  • Babslett O'Hare
  • Baby Shirley
  • Barky Marky (Sketched)
  • Baseball Buster
  • Bedtime
  • Bedtime Bunny
  • Beehonie the Bunny
  • Best Bunnies
  • Bored Babs
  • Bunny WaWa
  • Camp Leader Kitty
  • Cheerleader Fifi
  • Cher Bunny
  • Chicken Boo
  • Christmas Colleen
  • Coffee Break
  • Columbabs 
  • Confused Dizzy
  • Confused Fifi
  • Coop Vs. Mr Kat
  • Courage
  • Cowboy Max
  • Cowgirl Fifi
  • Crane Stance
  • Cute Petunia
  • Detective Zippy Carumba
  • Dizzy
  • Doggy Spike
  • Donna
  • Dramatic Lola
  • Drooley Davey
  • Egyptian Buster
  • Elderly Kitty
  • Elevator Operator Bugs
  • Elmyra’s New Look
  • Exhausted Kitty
  • Fancy Sawyer
  • Fatter Kat (Sketched)
  • Fifi in Swimming Attire
  • Fifi Oui Oui
  • Fifi Reading
  • Fifi Relaxing
  • Fifi Walking
  • Fifi’s Dress
  • Fiona and Coop in Love
  • Flirty Minerva
  • Football Player Fifi
  • Furrball Loves Maths
  • Furrball Playing With Yarn
  • Gatomon
  • Golfer Daffy
  • Golfer Max
  • Got An Itch
  • Grinning Shag
  • Groovey Kitty
  • Groovey Lola
  • Groovey Tina
  • Guitarist Kitty
  • Happy Kat
  • Hayley Smith (Sketched)
  • Hi Harriet (Sketched)
  • Hi-Yah
  • Holiday Kitty
  • Hot Babs
  • I Don’t Know
  • I Dream of Jeannie (Sketched)
  • I Found Something
  • I’m Batman
  • Ice Skater Gogo
  • IRSS Hamton and Plucky (Sketched)
  • Julie Bruin
  • Karate Katswell
  • Karate Kitty
  • Kero
  • Key To My Heart
  • Kid Vs. Kat
  • Kids Vs. Aliens
  • Kitty Poppins (Sketched)
  • Little Kitty Jo
  • Lola as Carol
  • Lola in Her Winter Attire
  • Lola Rabbit
  • Lola, Bugs and Daffy
  • Lola’s Evening Attire
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Magician Assistant Kitty
  • Magician Babs
  • Magician Brandy (Sketched)
  • Magician Buster
  • Mama Slappy (Sketched)
  • Mary as Tiana (Sketched)
  • Melvin the Monster
  • Millie the Witch (Sketched)
  • Mindy (Sketched)
  • Minerva Braceface
  • Minerva Reading
  • Miss Hopper
  • Monastery Lola
  • Monty (Sketched)
  • Mr Jolly (Sketched)
  • Mr Kat Grinning
  • Museum Guide Kitty
  • Nerdy Babs
  • Oh Well
  • Oops
  • Oriental Colleen (Sketched)
  • Original Buster
  • Original Dizzy
  • Original Original Fifi
  • Original Furrball
  • Original Hamton
  • Original Monty
  • Original Shirley
  • Original Sneezer
  • Original Sweetie
  • Particle Man
  • Peasant Fifi
  • Penelope Pig
  • Pin-Up Lola
  • Plucky
  • Plucky and Shirley
  • Plucky Duck
  • Poison Babsy
  • Preteen Kitty Jo
  • Prettyboy (Sketched)
  • Private Ear
  • Purrfect Pals (Sketched)
  • Ready For Action
  • Relaxed Furrball (Sketched)
  • Relaxed Tina
  • Ridley (Sketched)
  • Roadrunner and Little Beeper
  • Rodney Rabbit
  • Rollerskater Babs
  • Sailor Sawyer
  • Scout (Sketched)
  • Secretary Lola
  • Secretary Sawyer
  • Shirley
  • Shirley in Babs' Attire
  • Skateboarder Slappy (Sketched)
  • Sleepy Hamton
  • Snobby Brandy (Sketched)
  • Snobby Max
  • Soccer Player Lola
  • Space Bunny
  • Spot (Sketched)
  • StarLola
  • Steve Smith (Sketched)
  • Ta-Da
  • Talk To The Hand
  • Tazzy Doo
  • The Burtonburgers
  • Thumbs Up
  • Tiffany Turlington (Sketched)
  • Timon (Sketched)
  • Tina in Her Winter Attire
  • Tina Running
  • Too Many Fishy Frisky Bits (G) (Sketched)
  • Unimpressed Tina
  • Vanderbunnies
  • Vanna Pink
  • Vinnie
  • Viola Bunny
  • Walkies
  • We’re Looney, We’re Tuney
  • Weapons At The Ready
  • Winnie (Sketched)
  • Yum
  • Yumi
  • Zippy Carumba (Sketched)                                                                                                                                      
 These will become priority around the given dates:

18th July - Red Vs. Kat (The-Fat-Red-Dragon)
14th August - Have A Birthday Blast (Kyleboy21)
28th August - Slappy and Babs (Toonman1508)
26th October - Rarity (AperatureScience)
27th October - Duck Trekkies (Ced75)
31st October - Mickey and Bugs (Piotr3110)
2nd September - Applejack and Sunil (Taijey)
5th November - Fiona and Twilight (04StartyOnlineBC88)
20th November - Brandy's Dress (biggestbrandyfan1)
21st November - Furrball and Tom (ThrillingRaccoon)



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Coleen M. Fielding
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United Kingdom

sagiTTArius TTA Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan My birthday badge

I graduated from Uni in 2013 and I have a degree in Illustration & Animation.

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Babs Bunny Pixel 1 by ReallyBigHat97i dont smoke by sergbelI Hate Cheese Stamp by Darkselia:iconbabsbunnyplz: Stamp 11 - I respect you by FullWhiteMoonPhotoshop CS6 User Stamp by jayjaybirdsnest:iconyearofthecat1plz::iconyearofthecat2plz:


My Top 10 Fave cartoons:

1. Tiny Toons
2. Invader Zim
3. Kid Vs. Kat
4. Road Rovers
5. Animaniacs
6. The Looney Tunes Show
7. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
8. Brandy & Mr Whiskers
9. Freakazoid
10.The Powerpuff Girls

My Top 10 Fave anime:

1. Peach Girl
2. Rumbling Hearts
3. Excel Saga
4. King of Bandit Jing
5. Noir
6. Itazura Na Kiss
7. Rune Soldier
8. Fruits Basket
9. Fairy Tail
10. Madlax


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PacDragon Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, just wondering, is it ok if my July art jam would be a little late? I kind of procrastinated, but I'm almost done with it.
Tiny-Toons-Fan Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
Unfortunately July's art jam is closed, however, your pic will still be allowed in the group under the right folder (for example: if it is a drawing of Babs it will go in the "Babs Bunny" folder).
tetsuwanatom Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
Thanks for sharing your new fanarts in the groups.

Anyway, I would like to know where I can find more reference for Beehonie from Kissyfur?

I thought of a funny crossover pic which you may like, just need reference for full body shots.
Tiny-Toons-Fan Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
I don't have any references. What I draw are from my memory.
tetsuwanatom Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
I see.
Anyway, you'll love that surprise^^
Tiny-Toons-Fan Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
Speaking of Kissyfur, I did draw a pic ages ago of Beehonie meeting Babs. I'll have to look for it on my hard drive.
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I love your ID.  :clap:
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